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Carol Melrose I.P.T.I.


Qualified Masseuse

Diploma at Officially Appointed CIDESCO Centre

Diploma at Accredited Gateway Workshops

I qualified at the Ray Cochrane School of Beauty London in 1974 in beauty therapy and went on to specialise in massage.  In 2003 I qualified as an Indian Head masseuse at the Mariea Rudenko School of Holistic Therapy during a three month practical and theory course, I my furthered my knowledge in the Codes of Ethics; Health Safety and Hygiene; business skills; basic counselling skills and anatomy and physiology.  In 2010 furthered my training at Gateway Workshops as a Hot/Cold Stone masseuse.

I offer a wide range of massages, customising the massage as required from a very gentle, soothing Swedish massage; an Indian Head Massage which is especially suited for clients with headache, migraine and neck disorders; a Deep Tissue Treatment, specialising in frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, neck mid and lower back problems or full body massage.


Regular massage helps to reduce physical and emotional tension.
 It helps to restore vitality and promotes healing. It has been found to be very beneficial for the following conditions. 
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • Cellulite and Skin Tone
  • Depression
  • Fluid Retention
  • Headache
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Muscular Aches, Pains and Stiffness
  • Relaxation and Mental Clarity
  • Renewed Energy and Vitality

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage focuses on the muscles of the upper back, neck, upper arms, scalp and face. By relaxing these muscles, tension and stress are released, thereby enhancing the client’s health and well-being. It also works on the upper chakras (energy centres) and helps to rebalance energy fields.

IHM can help; Pain and stiffness in all muscles treated, Energy levels increased, Relief from sinusitis, migraine, headaches, jaw ache. Increase mobility of joints in the neck and shoulders, Increased energy levels, Relief from stress and anxiety, more soothing, revitalising sleep, improved concentration, improved skin condition and colour, stronger, healthy, shiny hair, Improved immune system.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a very effective technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the body’s connective sheath). Massage treatments involve varying degrees of deep finger pressure and slow strokes on and around the area of tension. This style of massage encourages the muscles and the tendons to release tension.

The application of pressure and movement during the massage encourages the blood and oxygen to circulate properly. Muscle tension and spasms are alleviated, discomfort is relieved and healing is promoted. This body work can improve posture and have a positive impact on the whole person physically and energetically.

Swedish Massage

This is a therapeutic massage aimed to bringing balance to the body and mind. Gentle techniques include long, calming strokes and kneading the muscles. This creates pure relaxation, resulting in a soothing, almost meditative, state.

A slightly deeper treatment involves varying degrees of pressure and stretching movements. This helps to ease stiff joints and reduce muscular tension.

A gentle massage technique called ‘lymphatic drainage’ greatly improves the circulation of blood and lymph. It works as a detox aiding the general health of the tissues and enhancing the removal of waste products.
Holistic massage stimulates the production of endorphins. These chemicals, often referred to as ‘happy hormones’ result in a feeling of well being and function as a natural pain killer.

Carol Melrose


Thursday 11am – 6pm


Swedish Massage
Indian Head Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

All massages are priced at:

30 minute session  ~ £32.00

1 hour session ~ £50.00

3. Reiki


I started training in 1999 and after six years of professional training qualified as a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher in 2005. After a further 2 years of training I qualified as a Karuna Reiki Master® Teacher in 2007.

I have run a successful Reiki practice at the Aston Clinic of alternative therapies in New Malden, Surrey since 2001 and Ewell, Surrey since 2013. Also, I have been teaching Usui Reiki since 2005 and Karuna Reiki® since 2007, up to teacher level.

Reiki Usui & Karuna Reiki® Treatments:
60 minute session £48
30minute session £28
Usui Reiki Teaching Courses:
Reiki I A one day intensive class £200.00
Reiki II A one day intensive class £200.00
ART (Advanced Reiki Training) Master Practitioner Level A one day intensive class £200.00
Reiki III/Master Teacher Training A two day intensive class £400.00
ART and Master Teacher classes can be combined in a three day intensive course £500.00
Karuna Reiki Teaching Courses  (Taught only to Reiki Masters)
Karuna Reiki® I & II Practitioner Practitioner & Teacher are taught together as a three day class
Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher £550.00

 All enquiries bookings and current promotions, please phone Carol on: 07702 358 091, or email:carolmelrosesurrey@gmail.com