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Cheyham Lodge, 11 Cheam Road, Ewell Village, Epsom, Surrey KT17 1ST

Keith Gooch , Reigate, Surrey

My daughters Lisa and Jennifer have both suffered with headaches and stress related issues, without Richard’s expertise in osteopathy and his ability to treat their backs, necks and heads, thus giving them the release from their reoccurring headaches and pain, their lives would be far from normal.

Michael. Health worker

I thoroughly recommend Cheyham Lodge for anyone with a back or neck problem. Both my wife and I have required treatment and they always seem to know what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Rose  .   Grt Bookham

I had had back pain for many years and nobody seemed to be able to help. An orthopaedic surgeon said that it was muscle problem and I would have to learn to live with it. But after having four or five sessions in Mr Katesmark my back felt better than it had done for ages.

Mr Jackson. Car mechanic.

I had seen several different people about my neck but Richard was a first one to explain in detail what the problem was and what I needed to do to help myself.

Jodie. student

It’s amazing, of the one treatment I felt completely different and within two days all the pain disappeared.

Sheila. Businesswoman. Chessington

For months I had been having from daily headaches  and severe pains behind my eyes often occurring twice a week. I had seen a nerve specialist who told me I had migraine and suggested taking daily  beta-blocker pills. However my doctor suggested seeing Mr Katesmark who treated my neck and head three times and completely got rid of the migraines, it was like a miracle…I felt better than I had done for months and didn’t need take the pills.

David White. Retired accountant

I first visited  Richard about 30 years ago with an acute lower back problem which various osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists had failed to improve.  He made me mobile again and I was able to resume playing all the sports I had been unable to play for several months.  Since then I have visited Richard for occasional maintenance on my back and to sort out various other problems with my shoulder, neck and knee.  Over the years I have learned to treat my lower back with more care and my visits to Richard have become less frequent.  I have already recommended him to several friends and colleagues and would not hesitate to do so again.

Anita, Chipstead

Richard Katesmark is an excellent osteopath who has been treating me for various problems over the past 20 years and in whom I have complete confidence.  He is the first person that I would recommend anyone to consult with a problem .

Nicole Pryer

I could barely lift my left arm following shoulder surgery. I have been visiting Richard Katesmark’s surgery and have recovered my mobility and confidence.  I now go  intermittently to keep fit and well.  I am very pleased and grateful with all the help and treatment I have received.

Anita J.

Because of the levels of pain and restrictive movement I was suffering from – if I hadn’t attended Cheyham Lodge I would not have been able to continue with my work.